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Awareness will save you during GMAT quant questions

Awareness will save you during GMAT quant questions


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Awareness will save you during GMAT quant questions

Awareness will save you during GMAT quant questions

Learn how to avoid backtracking and recalculating because you lost track of information you knew at the start.


Typical trip up: answers are in unexpected format


How many times has it happened to you?  You’re working on a problem, you fight through the early stages and get near the solution. In your head, you have an idea about what form the answer should take.  You calculate it and then you look at the answer choices and notice they’re all in a different format.  The worst thing is you’ve done extra work (like calculating out a fraction into a decimal) — we call that ‘missing your exit’ (you get the driving analogy).


Awareness is the answer (but what does that mean?)


The core problem is a varying degrees of awareness.  What does awareness mean?  It’s about keeping all the key information in the question stem and the answer choices front of mind.  We don’t want you working through the problem missing important guidance or data that puts you off track in your calculations or makes you ‘miss your exit’.


The key is on paper … circle back to capture notes


The key is on paper — that calculation booklet they give you when you take the GMAT. How well you capture and emphasize (rope off) the key foundational information determines whether you remember it throughout the question process.


Always circle back to your note paper and refresh your sense of the question.  It only takes a few seconds and it can save a minute or two and even prevent a wrong answer.


Run the question …..


At a higher level, the key is a “process principle” that we really drill into our clients’ minds:  run the test — don’t let it run you.


The test writers will keep doing things to increase stress levels and time pressure just to take you ‘off your game’.  The key is to stick to your process regardless of the pressure the question creates — including maintaining high awareness of everything you ‘know’ (ie. captured) about the question.


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