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In-Test Process: Run the GMAT, don’t let it run you

In-Test Process: Run the GMAT, don’t let it run you


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Consistent step by step process

Consistent In-Test Process: Run the test, don’t let it run you.

Remember, GMAT questions are written to get into your head.


It might be tricky wording or using something familiar to get you to make a wrong assumption. There are lots of tricks the GMAT psychometricians use.


The point is: they want you to play “their game” and throw you off yours.


If you let it, the test will run you.


I coach lots of GMAT clients who tell me they feel off balance within 5 minutes of starting a section. That’s because they let the test dictate the process.


Don’t let that happen.


Instead, you run the test.


There is a way to snatch control of your test experience away from the test writers. And if you do, then suddenly you’re running the test, not the other way around.


It all comes down to consistent process no matter the question


Here are some of the key steps in quant:

1. Look at the answer choices and see the format and spacing of them.

2. Capture every piece of data in the prompt and statements (if DS).

3. Visualize the data in the most natural way — table, number line, venn diagram or something else.

4. Carefully setup the equation — this is a key point of failure

5. Execute the calculation in the most efficient way.It’s the same in every part of the GMAT.


A similar list exists in verbal and we go into depth on them during our sessions with clients.


The point is your consistent process equals more control during the test.

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