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GMAT Frustration to Confidence: “I’m so glad I can do these now”

GMAT Frustration to Confidence: “I’m so glad I can do these now”


About this course

 Go on the offensive with your GMAT test prep.

Why I became a coach

There are moments when you know you’re doing the right work. It has to do with a feeling of significant impact on a regular basis. I’ve always gotten that from mentoring my team members as an entrepreneur — especially when ‘staff employees’ find the manager within themselves. When talented, modest and consistent employees surprise themselves with mentoring is one of the best moments of business leadership.

I wanted to map that to my long term passion for teaching. With two parents who were professors and academics, I had an unfulfilled desire to teach as well. But I needed to find something that mapped my business coaching style to teaching in a more academic setting. Lucky for me I found GMAT coaching.

“I’m so glad I can do those questions now”
It seems like a small statement but there’s a lot of erased negative emotion and frustration as well as new confidence in there. The key is a sense that you can not only do the problems you’ve seen before but future ones that you’ve never seen (like the ones that are going to be on the real test).

Why couldn’t she do them before?
Her story was typical: a really smart, math capable person who had hit a plateau on the GMAT (especially on the quant side).

Lots of courses. Online tools. Practice problems. Practice tests.

The problem she was following the same basic process for all questions. So practicing the same flawed core process for quant questions kept yielding results that were short of her target. She just couldn’t break through on 650+ difficulty questions.

I call myself a GMAT coach because I focus on process.
Like in most high level sports, the guy supporting the player(s) on the sidelines isn’t teaching them how to play the game (the basics). The coach is helping them to use their talent more effectively. That’s what elite sports coaching is.
The GMAT is no different. I get lots of people (more than 500 so far) that have had lots of teaching. Classes. online. tutors. you name it. But they’ve never been taught the right way to ‘play the GMAT quant game’.

Learn GMAT process from a business guy
I know how valuable process is for solving problems from years of business experience as an executive and owner across industries.
Growing businesses in competitive industries demands training and retraining employees (especially leaders). I’ve applied a lot of the same skills to helping people break through on the GMAT. Since most of my clients are business or military professionals, they’re accustomed to developing management decision making skills. By mapping the two together, I’m able to connect to clients’ existing capabilities and accelerate their GMAT progress.

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