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Hitting a GMAT score plateau? Time for a Big Shift

Hitting a GMAT score plateau? Time for a Big Shift


About this course

 Understanding why you’re stuck and how to break through.

The Dreaded Plateau
Things seemed like they were going fine. You were improving your performance, questions seemed more familiar, you were back in the groove doing quant and verbal problems. And your practice test scores were climbing. Then it happened. You hit a plateau. Lots if not most GMAT candidates hit them.
Where did it happen for you? Did you take the test a couple of times and stop improving?

What have you tried?

Classes. Tutors. Online Tools. Practice Tests.
You’ve tried everything right?

It’s time to change your focus from content to process.

If my experience with 500+ GMAT retake clients tells me anything, it’s that the game is all about “process”
But what does that mean?
Every quant question has stages as you solve it. Capture. Visualize, Setup. Execute.

It’s time to break out of the rut.
And reach your score potential.

Don’t let a lack of innovation in your test prep be the obstacle to your target score. The good news here is that I (with my team) have taken the experience of working exclusively with 500+ retakers and dissected the challenges to a degree that has allowed us to transform GMAT retake prep.

It’s key the focus has to be on process — thinking and working each quant and verbal problem in 4 key stages. Here’s the kicker — we practice and develop your skills in each stage separately. Just athletes do. That’s the only way to transform your process and break through your score plateaus.

Want a sample?
I don’t sell my services. I look for clients who fit. And the only way to do that is to have a real coaching session immediately.
In your free first session, all we’ll talk about is you: Your test experience, your challenges and I’ll take you through a rapid assessment that will immediately identify gaps in your core skill areas. You’ll gain big insights even if we never work together again (although that’s never happened).

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