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What’s the best way to prep for the GMAT?

What’s the best way to prep for the GMAT?


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There are a lot decision points:

  1. 1. Self Study vs Class vs Coach
  2. 2. Online or In Person
  3. 3. How many practice tests and how
  4. 4. Study and review process details
  5. 5. Retention strategies
  6. 6. Number of attempts

Our view, proven out by success with 100’s of clients, is a combination of self study / targeted classes and targeted coaching.  We believe in true performance coaching , which is not typical question focused Q&A type tutoring.  That may be the most familiar form of gmat one-on-one assistance but we know a more performance and process oriented focus makes more sense and yield much higher value for time and money invested.

Practice tests are an important element of your GMAT prep but repetitive over use without variation and coaching support can have a detrimental effect on your test readiness.

Remember the goal is not mastering the question you’re working on but improving your readiness for different but related questions.  That means each question you practice needs to feed improvements to your process as much as skill testing.

What if you’re deep into your GMAT prep?  How do you adjust midstream? Should you?

The ideal doesn’t change — the right way to prep for the GMAT has the same key elements and steps.

The reality is most of our clients adjust their prep process mid stream.  A few start out with a “I want to this right from the beginning” approach but that’s pretty rare.   To us both make sense and both types of clients needed a well designed solution when they come to us.

Our midstream on boarding of clients recognizes that they’ve done a lot of study on their own (and we want to fully leverage that).  We start with agile benchmarking sessions, where we map the strengths and gaps across all the subject areas — it’s fast, effective and scores your knowledge, process and speed.

We agree with you (based on your timeline, resources and target score) on the best way for fill the gaps.  Then we put the entire spotlight on process via testing simulation.

Using shadowed practice tests, we tackle every key performance dimension on the GMAT: visualization, setups, efficient execution and timing.

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