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Why did you miss your target GMAT score?

Why did you miss your target GMAT score?


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why did you miss your target score

Why did you miss your target score?

The GMAT is different than any test you’ve taken before.


If you feel your study of the academic parts of the GMAT material (quant and verbal) was pretty complete, then you’re probably confused why you didn’t hit your target score. Especially if you’re someone who’s used to hitting or exceeding your targets in school and at work. Maybe we can help.


The GMAT is sport


Make no mistake about it: the GMAT is a sports contest. It has all the hallmarks of a competitive game: tremendous pressure, difficult conditions and most importantly, an opponent on the other side who’s aiming directly for your weak spots and exploits them to beat you on the field.


Any great coach will tell you that consistent process and strong core technique  is as important as specific skills to win more often. And the GMAT is no exception to that rule.


Like in sport, process and approach is as important as skills and talent


When great athletes have a bad day — pick your sport (it works for all of them) — they might say they were having an off day skills wise. But if you ask their coaches who were watching from the sidelines, most of the time, a big part of the problem is they stop doing the little core (process) things right. Like bending your knees before taking a free throw, or cheating on your follow through on a tennis backhand or keeping your head straight when hitting a drive on the golf course.


The GMAT is exactly the same. When you approach GMAT questions in a haphazard way: skipping key steps like capturing all the key data in the question, visualizing a GMAT quant problem or not simplifying or processing the prompt and statements in a data sufficiency question — those thing all throw off your game and you end up underscoring — and missing your target.


The key is a GMAT coach to keep your approach consistent and to show you when you’re off track.


Our GMAT coaching methodology has focused on helping students bridge the gap during their GMAT retake.  By using testing simulation, our expert coaches are able to identify when clients are straying from good process and undermining their ability to maximize their skills on GMAT test day.


If you want your GMAT retake to go differently, then our suggestion to you is to focus on your process — get help to identify the gaps and then target those gaps with GMAT testing simulation sessions focused on key areas.


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