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Why intensity matters on the GMAT

Why intensity matters on the GMAT


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Eye of the Tiger Intensity

Why intensity matters on the GMAT

The GMAT tests “executive reasoning” skills — by using quant and verbal questions of different types.


GMAT is a test ripe for intensity


One of the reasons I try to bring fun, challenge and purpose to GMAT coaching sessions is to increase the intensity of the my clients. If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that maintaining a high level of intensity for the whole test is an absolute key. Especially in a test where it’s 2 minutes for questions that seem like they should take 10 minutes.


Don’t let fear lead your experience


One of the first habits I try to break with clients is letting the clock be their driving focus.  Obviously, timing is critical on the test, but one this I absolutely hate seeing is intensity which starts low at the beginning of looking at a question and then rises as the time gets closer to the 2 minute deadline.


Capture is key


There’s no time for a lull at the beginning of a question.  It’s the surest way to ensure poor capture from the stem, a bad first attempt at solving and an unnecessary return trip to re-read the question again.  Walk into a question with your energy peaking and be intense in your capture process.  Lean in and actively read, capture, organize and interpret the question.  Lots of writing and sketching (when applicable) — with the goal of knowing everything the question is giving you. You’ll be rewarded for that early and consistent intensity with lower time per question and higher success levels.


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