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You’re doing all those GMAT practice problems. Do you know why?

You’re doing all those GMAT practice problems. Do you know why?


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BP Why so many Gmat practice problems

You’re doing all those GMAT practice problems.  Do you know why?

The real “juice” in practice problems is gains in process and approach to future problems


Measuring vs creating progress

When you’re working practice problems, it’s easy to lose focus on why you’re doing it.  You’re competitive nature and desire to make progress can make you focused solely on answering the specific problem correctly.  But all you’re doing with that is measuring your progress, not creating progress.


Timing is built AFTER process

The real progress comes when you realize you’re working problems to be able to work other related problems (on the actual test).  So when you’re working practice problems it isn’t always about rushing to get the question right in 2 min.  Sure timing is important but what about building core process strengths.


Keeping focus is also key during the solution review

It’s equal important to remember that when you’re reviewing the solutions to practice problems or practice tests you’ve completed.  Pay attention to how the process is laid out in the solution — capture, visualization, setups and calculation.


Note the differences and gaps in your approach — make flash cards that capture optimal process components — and keep them for later review.

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