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Why your GMAT score report isn’t enough to plan for a retake

Why your GMAT score report isn’t enough to plan for a retake


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Why your GMAT score report isn’t enough to plan for a retake

There’s only one purpose for a GMAT score report: ACTIONABILITY.

That’s all that matters. Is there information there that you can quickly transform into a step by step plan to prepare for your retake of the GMAT?


Unfortunately, for most people the answer is no. Why? Because these reports simply don’t have the detailed question-by-question analysis and feedback. Add to that the feedback is computer generated, not by an expert who has seen your question by question performance and provided an experienced perspective.

Here are some of the things you need to know to build a powerful retake prep plan.

1. Did you complete each of the key process steps in handling each type of questions. eg. for quant, did you:

– capture

– visualize the problems

– look for estimation opportunities

– manage your time properly


2. Did you setup each problem correctly?


3. What calculation shortcuts could you have used that you didn’t?


4. Did you avoid going back to the question wherever possible?


Those are the levels of insights that you need (especially for quant questions). Anything short of that and you’re just “shooting in the dark” when creating a retake study plan.

The two missing pieces

An expert coach

Not just a math tutor or verbal tutor — but a real coach whose expertise is building your process and technique up to a level that you can increase your efficiency and effectiveness exponentially.


Testing simulation

Taking a realistic practice test with that expert coach shadowing you using the latest screen sharing technology. Unless the coach is on the field with you — seeing how you take the test and handle each type of question step by step — you’ll never get the kind of insights that will allow you to close the gap with your target score.

More on testing simulation

Testing simulation is a proprietary process that we developed two years ago for one reason: clients who were strongly academically prepared continued to miss their target scores by significant margins (30 – 70 points). That’s unacceptable to us as coaches and put our collective entrepreneurial educator minds to figuring out a solution.


Testing simulation plays two key roles in your retake preparation:

1. We use it as a primary diagnostic tool to go far beyond your score report to identify gaps in your skills, process, setups and time management in a real test environment.


2. With the diagnostic results in hand, we tackle each critical area (visualization, setups, process and time management) separately in individual testing simulation sessions. Then we bring it all together in.a single final session where we push you (like a coach does from the sidelines during a game) to use all those newly acquired techniques on each every question of the test.


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