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Why your motivation matters on the GMAT

Why your motivation matters on the GMAT


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Why your motivation matters on your GMAT

Why your motivation matters on the GMAT

For most people the GMAT represents a test challenge different from any they’ve faced before — are you motivated enough to tackle it?


The GMAT is a challenge that demands drive and focus


It’s a test that will challenge you in multiple ways. Aside from the requirement to refresh your quantitative and verbal skills, you’ll be facing an “opponent” unlike one you’ve faced before. The GMAT test writers are experts at creating tests that push your reasonings skills to their limits and take advantage of your process weaknesses to trigger mistakes during the test.  The GMAT Is a challenge that only highly motivated individuals can overcome.


Why are you doing an MBA?


You may be taking the GMAT for a career change, improved career potential, financial opportunities or another reason. The key question is: how strong a driving factor is that for you? Do you want it bad enough to commit to getting back to a challenging study environment where you have to rebuild your knowledge of middle and high school subjects? And are you ready for the unique rigors of the GMAT exam — which demands that you know your weaknesses and use processes to overcome them?


Do you understand the GMAT and what it takes to hit your target score?


Depending on your recall level of your middle and high school math and verbal skills, your required prep time for the GMAT will be 100+ hours of concrete study time. Whether that number comes in closer to 100 hours or more like 200 or 300 hours depends a lot on your motivation and having a solid approach to preparation.


Ultimately, the GMAT is a test of executive reasoning ( both the quantitative and verbal) and they test it by putting you through a series of quantitative and verbal questions that require strong reasoning skills. For most people, elements of the test are very challenging because they demand a type a reasoning they haven’t been exposed to on tests before.


The good news is ll of us use reasoning skills in our daily lives.  Those skills need to be refocused and further developed to fully arm you for GMAT success.


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