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Do you only coach people retaking the GMAT?

We do coach people who are taking the test for the first time as well.  Our real focus and specialization is in last mile GMAT coaching.  After clients have done all the academic (content) study via books, classes and tutoring, we step in when they still well short of their goals on practice tests or the real test.   While a retake is a different challenge, there are core elements that we bring to the table that allow for rapid jumps in scores through a  focus on process (ie better test taking) that builds on all the work done before.

How do the online sessions work?

Having worked with more than 500 clients 1-on-1 over the last 2 years alone, we’ve got tried and tested online platform that includes the latest collaboration software and state of the art session logging capabilities.  The online platform allows clients to work from the comfort and privacy of their own home, office or other preferred location.  All you need is a web browser (ideally on a computer).

How many students have you worked with?

Over the last few years, we’ve worked with more than 500 clients totally more than 10,000 hours of 1-on-1 coaching.  We worked with people at many score levels (starting and target) and see score jumps of as much as 200 points.  Jumps of 100 points are more are typical with many of our clients

Why do you call yourselves coaches instead of tutors?

We prefer the term “coaches” because there is a real difference between coaching and tutoring.   Tutoring is typically limited to the academic content covered in the GMAT and explaining how to do practice problems.  Coaching does all that PLUS focused on improving your WAY of taking the test.  That focus on your in-test process (timing, steps for each question, etc.) is much more analogous to a sports coach — who makes good players great by improving “how well they play the game”.

Do you also offer group classes?

We are primarily 1-on-1 coaches — because the help we provide is highly tailored to each client’s skills sets, personality and life situation (all those things are key factors in your GMAT retake success).

How do you charge for your coaching services?

We charge on an hourly basis.   Our preference is to keep maximum flexibility for our clients as they work with us.    Packages (multi hour) can be restrictive and affect the quality of the working relationship between coach and client.

Will you assign me work between sessions?

Absolutely.  If there’s one thing our expertise brings, it is much greater focus in your GMAT retake prep plan.   Our method focuses on quickly understanding your strengths and weaknesses and then putting a laser focus on targeting the latter.   To keep the number of sessions (and cost) down, we maximize the amount of work you do on your own between sessions.  Unlike before, those self-study sessions will no longer feel unguided, because you’ll be clear on what you should be focused on, why you’re doing it and how to do it right.

Do you offer any other services (admissions, career)?

We build such a strong rapport with our clients that many have evolved into long term mentoring clients.   Having spent 15 years running software and services businesses, we’ve hired more than 1000 employees at all levels for companies that we own.  That gives us a unique perspective on what employers are looking for and how to maximize the impact your resume makes when you’re looking new jobs or promotions and raises in your current company.

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