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Feeling lost on your GMAT Retake?

lost on gmat retake

It’s totally normal to feel that way.  And more importantly, I’ve worked with lots of people who started out feeling that way — but ended up hitting their GMAT target scores on retake. But they made a lot of changes before they got there.


Why are you lost? 


Because you haven’t fully answered the biggest question that drives your retake direction: WHY?  Why did you fall short last time?


I’m not talking about general ideas about what went wrong.


That’s the problem with score reports and operating from memory.  You get general ideas of what topics and questions types gave you trouble — but all that says is “do more practice problems”.


Your analysis needs to give you actionable insights.   Something that you can focus on specifically to boost your performance.


The key: Understanding your process shortcomings


The ideal assessment of your test performance needs to look at how you tackled key stages in answering each question type.  For example, how did you pre-process data sufficiency statements?  Or did you define the core argument properly in each critical reasoning question?  That’s the level of specific insights you need.  But where do you get that?


It’s hard to get it from the actual test


You can’t go back and revisit the actual test via instant replay. So the only way is to use something we call testing simulation — where you leverage a realistic practice to assess your handling of each step. The key is having an experienced set of eyes on your efforts. A GMAT performance coach. Using the latest screen sharing technology — you take a coached practice test. Just like a tennis player or golfer has a coach watching each step of their game and dissects the key building blocks of their game.


What’s the outcome you’re looking for


When I run a (FREE) testing simulation diagnostic for a new client, I’m able to give them specific insights into each stage of solving quant problems and tackling verbal problems. Those insights tell us where to focus our process improvement efforts.


Get started now with a free assessment of your GMAT test taking skills.

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