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I actually looked forward to our sessions ....

At first I couldn't figure out why but eventually I realized it was because my doubts and nervousness was replaced with confidence, clarity, motivation and empowerment.

Kenny M, MBA Candidate 2021

Transformed my perspective on quant

The coaching was remarkable because it engrained process changes in my mind and changed my fear of quant into to positive energy. It powered a 100 point jump on the GMAT and also increased my effectiveness in quantitative situations at work!

Anne L., MBA Candidate 2020

I wanted to get through my retake fast.

My round 1 deadline was coming up and I was looking for answers. Arvind tackled every part of my retake challenge -- including getting my motivation and confidence back up, giving me new tools and incredible coaching support.

Ben S, MBA Candidate 2021

I'd have rather died that do quant ....

After working with Arvind, I tackle quant challenges head on at my finance industry job and in first year of my MBA program.

Mel S., MBA Candidate 2021

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